CPG & Consumer Brand Obsession


We all have choices. Sure, we could have focused on tech or rubber tire manufacturing, but no, we wanted to blend what we love in our personal lives with how we deliver our work.

This breeds our endless enthusiasm and effortless collaboration with our clients. It’s who we are.

Natural Foods


We’ve never been more optimistic about the growth and innovation in the natural foods industry.

Working with many founder-operated companies, BASECAMP helps brands scale sustainably. Our team lives the natural foods lifestyle and that makes working with us effortless and fun.

Sports & Active Lifestyle (SAL)


With our California roots, we’re surrounded by inspiring innovators in the sports and active lifestyle category. Getting outdoors and staying active is a part of our everyday lives and we’re proud to support the founders in this space.

Our expertise in inventory-based businesses provides us with the experience to effectively support the omni-channel sales and overseas vendors that SAL Founders must navigate. 




We have deep experience in building brands in the complex national three-tier system.

Our expertise touches on the each level of the route-to-market – manufacturing, brand, distribution, and retail.

Whether you’re a new brand expanding markets and going deeper on retail relationships or your brand has matured into a national footprint, we can create value and support continued growth.

Fashion & Apparel


Apparel brands create identity and channel self-expression. We view these together along with our CPG focus to round out our obsession with all lifestyle brands.

Whether it’s a new pair of Jordans or a fresh hoodie drop, high fashion and apparel help us thrive!

Wellness & Beauty


Wellness and beauty are an evergreen pursuit that we proudly support. We recognize that work hard, play hard needs to be balanced with self care and wellness.

Supporting founders in this space ensures we are building a higher quality of life in our communities, making us look and feel our best!

Trusted by mission-driven brands

They said you’re judged by the company you keep. We’re cool with that.

How we support Founders

Our mission is simple – help companies scale. We focus on growth infrastructure while our clients drive their business forward with products, customers, and innovation. We’re like an extension of your team and at BASECAMP it’s good vibes only!


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