Eight Case Study

Disrupting the Lager category with style


Founded by Troy Aikman, EIGHT Beer launched in January 2022 with the aim to give consumers more choice in a better-for-you beer. 

The beer reflects their no excuses mentality – from the two years of R&D to the work hard lifestyle – EIGHT Beer is made for high performing people.  

The company is led by co-CEOs, Ruchi Desai and Doug Campbell, and investor entrepenuer Jake Duneier. 


  • After an initial capital raise, the EIGHT team was looking for support in Finance and Accounting as they prepared to launch the brand in Texas
  • Management of their financial model and accounting were on the short list for pre-launch
  • EIGHT needed a clear runway through analysis of profit margins and cash flow to execute their go-to-market strategy


  • Optimized a three-statement financial plan, developed cash flow projections, and value chain profit models
  • Introduced a Monthly Business Review (MBR) as part of the management routine
  • Built a new, scalable detailed process around marketing expense and budgeting to drive insights as they ramped up launch efforts 
  • Transitioned accounting from an outsourced firm to BASECAMP, providing more ownership and flexibility in their bookkeeping and expense categorization

“BASECAMP gave us the necessary visibility into our cash flow to better manage our business during a time of rapid growth. The only thing I would do differently is bring BASECAMP on earlier.”

Ruchi Desai