Sunday Golf Case Study

Golf bags designed fore the weekend.


Sunday Golf began as a founder-led business with a successful brand identity around enjoying golf with your friends. By year 3, they had scaled to $5M in revenue and they recognized the need for strategic financial expertise to better understand their business and continue to grow, profitably.


To achieve their goals for scale, Sunday Golf needed to redo their financial model and shore up accounting processes, which included:


  1. Understanding revenue channel contribution margins
  2. Improving methods for recognizing inventory and COGS in Quickbooks
  3. Growing the team
  4. Improving compensation
  5. Crowdfunding to raise brand awareness
  6. Being able to easily update their model as they grow


Sunday Golf hired BASECAMP’s Anthony Domenici as a fractional CFO to help them achieve their goals with the following results:


  • Improved the inventory COGS model and methodology to enable Quickbooks to track inventory and relieve COGS accurately; this provided process and structure to leverage QBO’s inventory tracking capabilities.
  • Rebuilt the financial model and helped the team prepare their financial narrative for investors.
  • Provided insight into profitability per sales channel.
  • Supported the strategy and process of launching the WeFunder campaign and cap table modeling.

“Anthony and BASECAMP Consulting helped transform our simplified financial forecast into a dependable and robust financial model. With their expertise, we were able to tackle complex projects, such as gaining a granular understanding of our contribution margins per sales channel and guiding us in the preparation and launch of our successful equity crowdfunding campaign.”

Casey Mathews

CFO, Sunday Golf