Inventory Planner


Selling more starts with planning. We help you take the guesswork out of it (plus save you tons of time).

Ok, you can’t eliminate stock outs completely — but, we definitely try! Getting your inventory planning connected to the business enables growth.


Finished Goods

Inventory Planner


Starting at $5,000


What’s Included?

Demand-driven finished goods PO recommendations

Weeks of supply on-hand per SKU

Co-manufacturing production plan

Simple to manage and add in new SKUs

Cash flow impact (optional)

Raw Materials & Finished
Goods Inventory Planner


Starting at $10,000


What’s Included?

Everything in Finished Goods Inventory Planner PLUS:

Demand-driven raw materials PO recommendations

Weeks of supply on-hand per raw material

Simple to add in new BOMs

Why use this planning tool?

Sell More, Don’t Stock Out

The Inventory Planner is an excel-based tool that helps brands manage their inventory to optimize sales by combining inputs of your specific supply chain.


  • Reduce stock outs
  • Get ahead of slow moving inventory
  • Stop wasting hours trying to ballpark the right numbers
  • Bring all the right data and team members together

How does it work?

Plan. Run. Repeat.

  1. We build your supply chain diagram.
  2. We work with your team to build the planner inputs and outputs.
  3. We run the planner to dial it in with your team.
  4. Transition into operations.
      •  BASECAMP can continue to run the planner with your team
      • Or you can mange it internally

The planner can be updated with new SKUs, BOMs, manufacturers, distribution centers, etc. on an ongoing basis

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