Look, we’ve been pretty quiet the last 16 or so months, busy scaling and finding our focus. We’re not shy, I promise. I guess we are just like our clients, grinding it out, scaling a new company and ensuring that our culture comes first.

I have to admit, this has been the time of my life! Sure it’s a rollercoaster, no doubt, but at least I know who is running the give no f*ucks amusement park. We build the rides. We sell the tickets. We create space for ourselves. To me that’s priceless and dare I say I’ll never go back to the 9-to-5.

Enough about me – I couldn’t have done any of this without my co-founder and dear friend, Anthony. We’ve grown closer since we met in 2016 and the last two years we have both experienced tremendous personal growth. Because when you’re uncomfortable, you’re learning! We have a true love for our team, our clients, and take great pride in our work.

We are honored that you’re reading this and while the future is uncertain, one thing is for sure, when you are locked-in and truly believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Much love, Ken